Sanluri, June 30th, 1409. After centuries of struggle for the control of the island the two armies of William III of Narbonne, Judge of Arborea, and Martin “the Younger”, king of Sicily and Sardinia, face each other for what will arguably be the decisive battle for the destiny of Sardinia. This Company level wargame tells an epopea located in Eritrea, the first Italian Colony. The story of loyal soldiers who fought for Italy through the depiction of four main battles, which saw them as protagonists. A bonus Scenario depicting the battle of Metemma is also included. Loano, 23-24 November 1795. Masséna at Loano,  is a two- player simulation of Napoleonic warfare at  regimental/battalion level for the Revolutio- nary Wars period. Loano was Masséna's battle, characterized by his particular aggressive warfare made “en Tirailleur”. Trebbia, 17 June – 19 June 1799. "The Bullet is foolish, the Bayonet wise" Alexander Vasilyevich Suvorov. This game is designed by Enrico Acerbi. The subject is the Napoleonic battle of river Trebbia. The history of the british expedition to Walcheren (Holland) in 1809 records an awesome disaster. The game represents the environment, logistical nightmares and other difficulties that the english Command met. The game system used in Braccio da Montone is the same as that of Guelphs and Ghibellines and Sa Battalla. The game simulates the two major battles fought by the condottiero: Sant'Egidio (July 12, 1416) and l'Aquila (June 2, 1424), in which he was defeated and mortally wounded. The Disfida di Barletta was a tournament fought near Barletta, Southern Italy, on 13 February 1503, The tournament was provoked by a French knight Charles de la Motte who, after drinking too much accused Italians of cowardice. This is an operational game on Garibaldi campaign in Trentino during the Third Italian War of Independence. Garibaldi's army fought and won in the decisive battle of Bezzecca that opened the road to Trento that was stopped by a direct order of his king to which he responded simply “Obbedisco” (I obey). This title simulates  two episodes (the battle of Montebello and Pastrengo) in which it was distinguished the Italian cavalry during the wars of independence. The two battles are characterized by very low counter density on the map. The background of this battalion-level wargame is the worst defeat suffered by a European power in Africa: Adowa. Ethiopian Emperor Menelik II managed to defeat an Italian army through a combination of bravery, deficiencies in the Italian chain of command, and well exploited chances during the battle. This game, designed by Enrico Acerbi, covers the masterpiece battle fought and won by Napoleon against the hopes of the III Coalition. At the sunset of December 2nd, 1805, the map of Europe was redrawn for many years to come, and the art of war had a new Master. The game allows to study and recreate the most dramatic battle in the Alps front during WW1, a struggle that, due to italian High Commands unpreparedness, evolved in one of the worse disaster in the whole italian military history.